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Aurora Farm Comments on the llama escape in Sun City Arizona February 2015

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Well our first Llama Shearing Festival on June 7th, 2008 has come and gone.  We consider it a great success with over 100 in attendance from near and far.  We hope you came and enjoyed yourself even though it was 98 degrees! 

We would like to thank our shearers, Cindy and David Ruckman of McFarland Llama's.  They are special friends and did a great job on our herds' new hair cuts.  Plus, they still found the time to speak to all of our guests about the joys of owning llamas and all the things you can do with these wonderful creatures and their fiber.
Isabella, Chan-Chan, Color Up, and Miriah were our public relations alpacas and llamas and they did their jobs well and sported festive tassels to boot.  Color Up welcomed the opportunity for extra snacks for the day while visiting with the crowd.
Our family and friends who helped us out were invaluable and of course no one can beat my nephew Rob driving the golf cart  'The Alpaca Express' to bring in our visitors-- a big THANK YOU to all!
Looking forward to future events,
Cindi & Dave
Aurora Farm

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Cindi Chan
Hunterdon County, HJ

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